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Because I live dangerously

I was ready to risk it all.

It all started in a group on Facebook. We were talking about foods that were overrated. The original poster had mango on his list, and I seconded his opinion.

And all hell broke loose.

I thought I'd bring the discussion to my page. And, yes, people questioned my Haitian-ness. Some came back to my page half seriously hoping that I'd say that my account was hacked.

I grew up eating mangoes and drinking mango juice (you'd call it smoothy in North America). I will not say no to a good mango lassie. I just don't crave the fruit. It has probably been a good 8 years since I bought some.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with mangoes. I don't dislike them. My feelings for them are just...meh.

But I get why my Facebook friends went up in arms. I feel the same way when people speak ill of tonmtonm (my favourite Haitian dish). I feel the same way when people have the audacity to attack okra. Don't get me started about people who don't thoroughly enjoy a good avocado.

Do you think I deserve to get my Haitian card revoked? Before you answer... Think about what could get yours revoked...

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1 Comment

Stevens Azima
Stevens Azima
Jun 10, 2021


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