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Blunder in Bratislava

Our stay in Bratislava (Slovakia) was short, but eventful. And it all started when we checked into our hotel.

Ti Val had booked the room a few months ago. He had opted for a suite, as this would give us access to the spa. What he didn't do was book for 4. This is typical Ti Val. He's rationale was that 4 people would easily find room to sleep in a suite. What he didn't foresee was for the hotel clerk to be so strict. The room was booked for 2 people. No more. And it was just our luck that the hotel was completely booked! We decided quickly that Manise and I would bunk together—we have been roommates since the beginning of the trip. The clerk told the boys about another hotel down the road. Manoue and I went to our room; the boys headed out. We had plenty of time to settle in before the boys returned. Part 1 — The hotel down the road The "hotel down the road" was in fact a restaurant where they were given a set of keys and directions (via WhatsApp). The directions included photos of a series of doors they needed to unlock along with the code to a key box. Their room was located in an old house divided into rentals.

Their host was friendly. The house's courtyard was beautiful. Their room was clean and functional. Part 2 — Where's my husband? The next morning, Manise and I woke just in time to eat breakfast before our 9 a.m. spa appointment. We sent a couple of text to the boys, which they didn't even see. We figured that they were still asleep. 

When they missed the spa appointment, we thought they had changed their mind and went sightseeing instead. We were out of our room and ready to go at 11 a.m. We sent them a couple more texts letting them know that we went out to buy souvenirs and that we'd be back by 11:45. We told Joseph, the bellboy, a friendly man from Ghana, that we were expecting them.

We had plenty of time to walk around the old town and take pictures. As we made our way to the hotel, I devised a plan. If we didn't hear from the boys by noon, I'd walk to the restaurant and demand that they take me to my husband. I figured the more dramatic the better. When we entered the hotel lobby, Joseph told us that they had arrived: "They are here! All is forgiven!" They were sipping on a cup of coffee on one of the sofas. They looked terrible. Hubs looked tired; Ti Val's eyes were puffy. They were wearing the same clothes they had worn the day before.

It turns out that their host had gifted them 2 mini bottles of Tatratea (62%!), which they drank before going to bed. The last thing they remember is going to bed and waking up to the sound of someone knocking on their door. It was their host telling them to get out of the room, as it was 30 minutes passed 11. Check out was at 11. They only had time (and sense) to grab their things and leave.

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