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Cause of death: good food

In Haiti, we have a saying: sa w renmen se li ki touye w. Loose translation: what you love will kill you. In my case, it'll be good food. And that's totally fine. 

This is not a grim post about how certain kind of food is not good for you. This is a post inspired by a conversation my travel companions had while eating the best croquettes I've ever had. If you're ever in Barcelona, drop by Croq & Roll. Your taste buds will thank me. 

The Haitian saying came up as I took a bit off a ham and cheese croquette, closed my eyes and sighed. Ti Val asked if I had any last words. (They were: come eat here.) 

What you need to know about Haitians and death is that we don't always take it seriously. For example, when we're about to share a juicy piece of gossip we say "ban m touye w" (let me kill you). 

Let me get back on topic. 

I love food. Good food. And I'm willing to travel far to taste the best. 

This is a post about Spanish food, more specifically croquettes and tapas. And sangria. We have to talk about sangria. 

The idea of bite size portions is genius. Just enough to get you hooked on flavour not enough to fill you up. The perfect way to test different dishes in one sitting. The sharable plates allow for a more convivial experience. 


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