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Greetings from Athens!

I've been in Athens for less than 24 hours. I haven't really formed an opinion, but my gut is telling me that I'm not going to be wowed.

Let me explain.

I find the ruins to be interesting. A nice reminder of an ancient civilization. But I find them too, hum, familiar. 

In high school, I studied Greek civilization and mythology. I've seen way too many photos of the Acropolis and the Stadium. This familiarity toned down the impression they've made on me so far. I'm saying "so far" because later today (it's close to 2 a.m. while I'm writing this) I will actually go inside the sites.

By the way, tomorrow, when I get on the field above, can you guess what I'll say? (Hint: Asterix, Obelix, Cesar) I know, it's not Rome, but it's close enough.

So far, people have been super nice to me. From the taxi/Uber drivers to the barrista in that little café.

And I just had the best Greek dish I've ever had: lamb stew.

I walked over 7K today, and my day only started at 4 pm. I wonder how much I'll walk tomorrow.

During the night, Athens is a sight to be seen. I absolutely love what they do with the lights.

But I'm certain Greece is full of surprises. As I followed the other tourists without a specific destination, I saw some pretty interesting arts and crafts.

Usually, I fall in love with cities in under 24 hours. This has not happened with Athens. It's neither a good nor a bad thing. 

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