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Week 10: It sucks

How are you doing? How are you coping with this global pandemic?

I've been faring well, considering.

I've been working from home for 10 weeks now. And I'm thankful for it. Not only does this guarantee my financial stability, it also keeps me busy for a good chunk of the day. I rather enjoy working from home. No commuting. No need to think about my attire.

But I do miss getting out of the house. I also miss seeing my family and friends.

Not knowing when I'll see my loved ones is nerve wracking.

We've cancelled a couple of family events already. Major milestones: a first communion and a wedding. We've celebrated my aunt's 60th via FaceTime. We live in 3 different countries, and these events also serve as family reunions.

It's hard to see the look on my nephews face when I tell them that we're not going to see each other anytime soon. The oldest has a better grasp of what's going on. The youngest think that all airplanes in the world are broken. For his almost-5-years-old mind, this is the only logical explanation for him not being able to come and see me. He's tired of staying home too.

Listen. I'm all for this lockdown. Health before everything else.

But, for me (and for millions of other people), the ability to travel doesn't necessarily mean tourism. It's mostly a mean to be with family.

And not being able to do that sucks.


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