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#FreeHaiti, because we've had enough

I am physically miles away from Haiti, my homeland. But my heart beats to the rythm of its drums. When that country of mine hurts, my heart aches.

Like a lot of dyaspora, news from Haiti stresses me out. The news that get to us is often sensationalized. Titles are clickbait-y. Information is presented without care or analysis. The government's propaganda is geared towards us. Obtaining accurate information has become a tiresome quest.

The situation in Haiti is dire. The level of violence the population has to deal with is beyond anything we've experienced in my lifetime. The signs that a dictatorship is settling in are clear for all to see. Incompetence is king and corruption is queen in the first Black Republic.

Peaceful demands for accountability are met with violence. Peaceful demands for safety are met with violence. Peaceful demands for the right to live are met with violence.

Like a lot of dyaspora, I'm sitting in the comfort of my home thousands of miles away worrying sick and feeling powerless, using this hashtag and hoping that change will come.

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