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The not-so-bougie bougie travel crew

I'm proud of my travel crew. There's never a full moment with this bunch.

There's no denying that we are somewhat bougie. You'll catch us in theaters and museums. We'll wander the streets of a city as part of a food tour. We like our accommodations to be unique (riad, cave hotels, boutique hotels). We'll ooh and ah in front of works of art. One of us is a scuba diver. I write a travel blog. We travel for sports and to meet up with friends.

But we're bougie in a budget!

We splurge on the finer things in life. We spend on experiences, not on things. (If this is not the bougiest phrase of all times, I don't know what is!)

One day, we dine at a Michelin restaurant. The next, you'll find us by the road enjoying some street food.

Not only are we comfortable in both settings, we value both experiences. Because we know the difference between cost and value.

One moment we're visiting palaces, the next we're sitting in a market chatting it up with merchants.

We may complain about not getting a Mercedes Benz from the rental company, but we'll hop on and off of cabs, buses and trains.

I'm proud of my travel crew because we take things as they come. We can be fancy when we want to. We can keep it humble if we need to.

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