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Every trip is like the first one

Butterflies in my stomach. Hundreds of thoughts in my mind. Going through my mental checklist for the nth time. Did I turn off the lights? Did I lock the door? More importantly, did I take my key from said door? (Don't ask.) 

I'm about to go on what may be my hundredth trip, and yet I feel like a rookie. 

I'm excited and anxious. All at once. 

I anticipate all the new things and flavours. I look forward to meeting new people and learning new things. I look forward to different ways of living. I'm ready for all my senses to be awaken by the newness of my surroundings.  

And this happens every time. That feeling submerges today and every single time I'm going on a new adventure. 

My anxiety is due to my personality. I double check, triple check even, everything. I always worry about arriving at the airport late or without my passport. I make sure I pack everything I need, or may need (travel size, though. #TeamCarryOn). 

I dread the security process at airports. So I'm always extra careful about the size of my toiletries bag, wearing shoes that may not require removal. Then there are the immigration agents on the other end of the flight. Do I have all the necessary information? Ugh. 

I've been through these motions many times. It's as though I'm just not getting used to them. 

Honestly, these feelings don't bother me. I'll even say they're pretty normal. They are the reason why I can talk about Brampton and Paris with the same level excitement. 

I'm currently waiting to board on my flight. And I don't feel blasée at all. Au contraire ! 

I went through the same motions and feel super excited. 

And it never gets old. 

P. S.: You know what else never gets old? 

People watching. (Lady in the star spangled jeans, I see you). 

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