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Jet lag, time travelling and other silly ideas

I'm saying goodbye to Crete. Reluctantly. Full of regrets. I wish I could have spent more time, done more. I wished I hadn't been silly the night before and just slept in the bottom bunk.

I don't do regret well.

Crete surprised me. She swept me off my feet. This island is special.

I felt as though I travelled back into time. The century-old constructions, an excavated palace in Knossos. All witness to all the people who shared, fought for or inhabited the land.

I also felt like Crete and Haiti have lived on a parallel universe. How can a land be so foreign and familiar at the same time?

Laurels. Bougainvilleas. Flanbwayan (I have no clue how it's called in English). And other familiar plants.

A beautiful piece of land with so much to discover.

And the food.

The food in Crete was amazing. Simple, hearty, delicious. Even the Palace of Knossos' café serves the most amazing dishes. I'm often reluctant to eat in museum cafés or in restaurants near tourist attractions. They cater to a temporary crowd. They often don't feel the need to provide quality service; their patrons often live miles away. But these stuffed vegetables blew my mind. They sent my taste buds on a delightful voyage.

I'm a bit sad to leave Crete. But I look forward to another visit. I definitely think Hubby will enjoy himself here.

Talking about Hubby...

I haven't been in touch as much as I'd wish, time difference and all. 

I don't consider myself to be jet lagged, I'm still living on Ottawa time. When the sun is out, I go through the motions and have a wonderful time. When it sets, I'm still wide awake. 

As I was counting down the days for my trip, another countdown was going on: my nephews were on their way to my home. They arrived the day I left.

So, every night, I'd do a little time travelling, 7 hours back, to check on the boys. There were many unfinished conversation.

M. pointed out that I'd actually travel back into time when I land in Canada. 7 hours back to be exact.

Oh the silly thoughts that go through our minds when we're tired.


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