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An island, is an island

Hello Crete!

I don't see myself as a romantic or an emotional person. I was raised to be stoic. Case in point: when I left Haiti, I didn't shed a tear, neither did my mom. We were both sad and nervous, but we didn't cry. That's how tough we can be. 

But that's just a shell, because, at times, I can be mushy. Like today. I saw Crete from a distance and I felt butterflies in my stomach. Bring me to an island and I get all giddy. An island, that's all it takes.

So far, the people are nice and friendly. From the waitress who was encouraging us to finish our plate to our host who's laid back and cool. Crete is definitely sending island vibes.

The intricate network of houses reminds me of PauP, the Carrefour-Feuille neighbourhood in particular. The architecture is different, but the apparent chaos is familiar.

I haven't seen laurels and bougainvilleas yet. But I feel right at home surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

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