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I don't like to travel during high season. Here's why.

Planning for my trip in Greece is going well. 30 more days to go!

Our accommodations are booked. We've secured our seats and cabins on the ferries--we're planning on island hopping. (Does going to 2 islands count as such?) We're starting to book tours and to look for free activities.

Off topic. That trip to Greece started off as a girls' trip. But life happened. My other girl couldn't make it. I'm going with Manise and Ralph, a married couple. Sounds like I'll be the 3rd wheel, right? Not at all! These 2 are like family. They are fun to hang out with, and they're not a PDA couple. Plus, Manise and I are already plans to drop her husband at a sports bar--don't tell him--and go about our business. Ralph's love for sports is legendary. He may already be planning on doing just that.

Here we are plotting that move.

Yet, many times throughout the process I was reminded why I don’t particularly like travelling during high season. That airfare, though... Simple: law of supply and demand. Buying my ticket ahead of time—about 2.5 months prior to the trip—did save me a substantial amount. But it’s still higher than what it would be for a different time of year. Plus, I’m flying from Ottawa; good deals are few and far between. But that’s a story for another day. Finding a place to stay (on a budget) is a hassle I was in charge of accommodations. And I didn’t think twice about accepting the task. I mean, I browse through Airbnb on my down time, and I randomly check hotel prices for destinations I have an interest in. Finding a place for the 3 of us to stay should be a walk in the park, right. Wrong! For the first time ever, Airbnb gave me a warning: only 6% of homes were available in the cities I picked. Translation: all the cheap (and good!) spots were already booked. And I didn’t like this, not one bit. Why does it feel that everyone is going to Greece?! My friend wanted to visit Santorini to see the iconic white and blue houses. The most popular photos are of a village name Oia. At the time I was booking, the cheapest place available was at $392 per night. You read that right! And you’re also right if you guessed that I opted for another village. Vourvoulos is located 9 Km away, and the rooms there cost way less. We may need to rent a car, but it’ll still be cheaper.

I have the feeling that we've made a few good choices. I'll report back once I'm on-site. Way too many tourists I know, I know. I’m a tourist too. But my kind is an annoying breed of humans.

We take photos, we walk slowly and we make ourselves comfortable in other people’s land. We bring chaos to quiet streets. And because of us, apartments are scarce in certain cities, vacation rentals being a more lucrative business. Some of us are far more than just an annoyance: they break things, tell lies (think Lochte), and do all sorts of reprehensible things. I'm looking forward to our beach days (I'm in dire need of sun). And you know how I like my beaches quiet. And I like to be able to take my photos without having to dodge people or wait in line. Oh well!

No matter how I feel right now, once I land in Athens everything is going to be forgotten. I'll focus all my energy on turning up--or whatever people my age do.

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