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Bye bye Bogota

We're heading home. And I feel a little sad.

I quickly grew attached to the narrow, hilly streets of La Candelaria. Colourful streets, filled with history. With street vendors standing guard at each street corner.

I've grown accustomed to its grey skies. Its tropical showers. It's misty mornings.

What I won't miss is the crazy driving. More than once, I thought we'd be in an accident. But I guess they know what they're doing.

I'll miss the blue house. And my room at the top of the stairs. These stairs were the bain of my existence for a week. The thought of climbing them would leave me short of breath. Yet, I was always glad to reach the top. I could see the city down below.

This house has become home. I love what the owner did to it. It's cozy and filled with interesting people.

I'm saying goodbye today, but I am planning to come back. Soon.



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