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Day trip to Zipaquirá

We've left Bogota behind and headed north to Zipaquirà to visit La Catedral de Sal (the salt cathedral).

We grabbed a bus at the Portal del Norte. 

And stood during the 45-60 mins ride to Zipaquirà among locals, tourists and pilgrims.

My fellow Haitians may recognize this as the sèso

Do note that we rode on the highway like this. And we're pretty sure the driver thought he was driving a Porsche.

We arrived in Zipa in one piece. (Honestly, we weren't worried. We've both survived bus rides to Port-Salut and Les Cayes.)

We grabbed our tickets for the cathedral and paid for the fair to get there. The cathedral is uphill. I was not about to test my limits. At that moment, I didn't know we'd be going up to Potosí-level height. In hindsight, paying extra to go uphill was a good decision.

I can't stress this enough. Grab a cab, take the tourist training, do whatever, but don't walk the 15 blocks... You'll thank me.

See. I'm not making this up. Nivel Potosí = Potosí level.

And then we went into the most amazing place I've ever been...

More pics on Facebook and the Gram.

La Catedral de Sal. How does one get the idea to build a church underground? 

To be noted, the place is grand. I've visited the Diefenbunker near Ottawa and felt a bit clostrophobic. But in the salt cathedral. Nada! I felt pretty comfortable. I even breathed better in there than I did outside. Strangest thing.

Then, we ate and roamed the streets of Zipaquirà. 

There's a very neat Good Friday procession video on my Facebook page.

Let me know what you think.

It's day 3 in Colombia. And I'm loving it!


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