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About the official Pieds Poudrés shoes

Today, Hubby declared that my pink running shoes are the official Pieds Poudrés shoes. 

This is happened.

I couldn't argue myself out of this. The shoes are on the blog and on my Facebook page. Plus, I take them everywhere.

Now. These are my gym shoes. Their light, comfy and bright. I can wear them all day and not feel the need to rest my feet. This is coming from a girl who owns​ way too many 2-hour shoes. (If you're not in the know, these are shoes that you can only wear for about two hours. Usually, we carry flats as a backup.)

These gym shoes, Hubby chose and purchased. The way our relationship is set up, I say I need new runnings an Mr Tenis-Shoe-Afficionado finds the best deal. 

These gym shoes are a failed attempt to enroll me in #TeamAdidas (I'm team Puma). No big deal. He likes Barça; I root for CR7. We're used to minor disagreements.

I just happened to pick of photo of me wearing them when I started the blog. I didn't want to invest in a logo, not knowing where it would take me.

But now that they've attained such notoriety, I may have to keep them.

The name of the blog, I got from my sister. She's been calling me PP (short for pye poudre) for years.

By telling stories, I'm honoring my Grandpa. He was the best storyteller I knew.

The shoes have Hubby written all over them.

My love for travel = Mom.

Can someone tell me what's mine in all of this?😊


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