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How Montenegro (and other countries) made it on the list

I don’t actually have a written list. (I’m not THAT organized!) But there’s a list, although virtual, of places I’d like to visit. And, from time to time, countries randomly make it there.

Like Tonga, which jumped into my consciousness during the Rio Olympics (2016) opening ceremony (here’s why). I spent a good part of that night googling flights to Tonga. Now, not only do I know how much it would cost me to go there, I also know where Tonga is located. The Olympics improve my geography skills every single time!

Bogotà, Columbia made it to the list too. I would be more inclined to visit Medellìn or Cali—because Narcos. But it is relatively cheap to travel to Bogotà from Ottawa. Much less than it would cost to go to Haiti in December (yeah, I’m still sour about that). In fact, I’ve seen tickets for as low as $500 CAD. Bogotà, here I come!

When I was a teenager, I spent hours reading about the Third Reich, World War II and La Cosa Nostra. It shouldn’t surprise you that Poland, Germany and Sicily are at the top of the list.

As for Montenegro, I’m curious about their desserts. At my current job, we host an International Lunch every year. And every year my colleague from Montenegro brings the most sophisticated and delicious desserts. My rationale: a country where they make such wonderful sweets is worth a visit.

Now, please pardon the fact that I don’t share the name of the desserts with you. I’m not familiar enough with her language to remember the name. (And I’m too lazy and ashamed to ask her again.)

Last year, she brought a layered dessert made with all types of good stuff. I recall chocolate, nuts, whipped cream (?) and cake-like layers.

This year, she made one which reminds her of her grand-mother. (You know I’m all about that!) She told me that she had been craving it for a while, so she decided to make it and share it with us. As I picked my piece from the plate, I felt honoured. I really felt as though I was about to delve into her childhood. And I thought of my own grandma’s dous kokoye (sort of a coconut-based fudge). When I took my first bite, I definitely missed my grandma’s dous, for her dessert also had coconut.

Picture this: vanilla cake covered with a chocolate and coconut ganache type of mixture. Heaven!

If I end up in Montenegro one day, you’ll know why.

There you have it. Good looking people, deals on airfare, history and food, and my own curiosityare what motivate me to go to certain places.

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