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New year, new plans

There’s no way 2017 can be as epic 2016. I mean, it’ll be tough to compete with the whole 7-countries-in-21-days trip I took (read about it here, here and here). Unless…

Unless I finally set foot on THE continent: Africa!

I already have two opportunities lined up. The first one, a wedding in Morocco. A wedding shouldn’t be a surprise given that I attended 2 weddings during my epic trip last year—2 out of the 6 nuptials I attended that year. I’m already dreaming about Marrakech and Casa Blanca. I haven’t bought my ticket yet, so it’s not yet cast in stone. The second, a staycation in Burkina Faso. (You know how I love staycations!) So this friend of ours invited us to his homeland. And we said yes. We have an entire year to plan this trip. So my life-long dream to set foot on THE continent may come true this year. Fingers and toes crossed! And a good savings plan… *sigh*

2017 also has a couple’s trip in store. Note that I didn’t say romantic getaway. Hubby and I are incapable of that. We’ve tried. Have you heard of that married couple who went out for dinner on Valentine’s Day and were offered separate bills? That’s us, and that’s a true story. This is how unromantic we are. On the most romantic night of the year—an event which we never partook in before—we still managed to look like friends. And we held hands and everything. Well, we tried! So, yeah, a couple’s trip. And this one is almost in the bag, as they say.

We’re going to Bogota, Columbia! Why Bogota, you may ask. Because it’s cheap.

Here’s the thing with traveling: once you pop, you can’t stop. Every once in a while you get that itch. A good itch. A need to go somewhere, anywhere. And if you’re a frugal traveler like we are, you opt for the location with the cheapest airfare. I have a theory that airfare should be the most expensive item on your travel budget. But that’s a discussion for another day!

With flights lower than $500 CAD (that’s Canadian dollars), return (that’s round trip), and a room at $20 per night: sign me up!

You know what, I lied. I insisted on South America. I just had to go back. After Buenos Aires stole my heart in 2014, I’ve ached for more. Plus, I need to practice my Spanish.

Now, I am fully aware that Bogota may not be top of list for most people. The city has a history of violence, and its reputation has been tarnished. But if you’ve followed the news, you know that things are getting better. And it may be a good idea to go before all the tourists start pouring in. Plus, we’re talking about Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s homeland!

So, no epic trips planned this year, but it’ll still be an interesting one.

What are your plans for this year?

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